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Funny Yummy is a kind, calm and entertaining book app for toddlers and children. 

Its intuitive interaction and stories are easy to understand even for smallest viewers. 

The book heroes are cute little animals, each with his own story in a funny way will inspire your child for good healthy appetite.


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Top best apps for awards funny yummy 6 stars and “editors choice”.


“Funny Yummy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful picture book apps available for iPad”. writes   more ▼

“The short lunchtime stories with the cute animals are timelessly beautiful and are told in the most calm and soothing way. Even though the stories are taking place during lunchtime, Funny Yummy is still suitable as a Good Night story with it’s harmonic design.

(+) Graphic design & animations
(+) Friendly narrator
(+) The order of the scenes are random, which is nice for a change
(+) Subtle humour
(+) pleasantly calm

none, but we would however appreciate more animals by any chance.”

You can read the full review here.
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apppicker writes: “Funny Yummy app review: 


“The Funny Yummy app for your iPad is a really fun and engaging way to spend a lazy afternoon with your young child thanks to the fabulous animations, characters, and the storylines themselves.  more ▼

Pros and Cons


Beautiful graphics and animations that appeal to young children
There are a variety of stories
Learn about a number of different cute animals and what they eat
There are no in-app purchases or advertising
Simple to use
Plenty of interactive elements


This app is only available on the iPad.” 

You can read the full review here.

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We are funny we are yummy. Like our facebook page! more ▼

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“The intentionally steady pace that the app runs on teaches children to be patient, not to rush, and to enjoy the process – qualities that are definitely important in the fast-paced modern...  more ▼

... world. The texture-based design and mixed-medium artwork is quite unique and eye catching for both children and adults. The voice over and sound effects are clear and crisp. The background sounds really support the visuals well. The animation and movements of the animals are smooth and seamless. The hidden animations and sound effects unlocked when children interact with the different elements on the screen will definitely serve to enhance kids’ experience of the app.”

You can read the full review here.

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About US


Why we do what we do:

A good sense of humor provides a broad range of important benefits to children. Funny Yummy Studio believes that kids’ sense of humor is essential to their development.

There are too few apps that stimulate the development of the sense of humor in children. We want to change this.

Therefore Funny Yummy Studio develops kids book-,game, entertainment- and educational apps with a sense of humor in characters behavior, design, animation and sounds.


Questions, Suggestions, issues? We are happy to help!